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Days of Our Lives
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of Days of Our Lives, Bo advises John that they found no evidence of Philip's connection to the drugs at the docks.

John vows to find some if they won't.

Tricked into admitting he was at the docks, Lucas asks Chloe to keep his secret as she admits that she was crying because of Philip.

Lucas reveals that he told Sami that either she or E.J. must move out or their relationship is over. As Chloe suggests that Philip is innocent, John returns to the mansion and counters that he's not.

After Chloe leaves, John calls Ava and accepts her offer of help. Ava orders Angelo to grab Paul and bring him to the DiMera mansion.

John then confesses to Ava how he paid Paul to delay some shipments. She calls what Paul did a betrayal and promises to make him confess.

When Paul's dragged in, John demands that he admit he started the fire at the docks. Lucas sneaks downstairs and overhears Angelo beating Paul who fails to confess to anything. John tells them to let Paul go.

While Max hides in Robbins' hotel room, the professor is pushing Nicole to "reconnect" with him. They discover that someone has ransacked his place. As Robbins calls security at the hotel, Nicole quietly exits.

Bo arrives and after a quick look around, warns Robbins that there is not much they can do. Nicole asks Philip for some protection from a person from her past.

When Stephanie tells her father that she and Max are working through their problems, Steve urges her to give her boyfriend some space which leads to another argument.

Stephanie's relieved when she finds Max. She and Nick both question Max about his whereabouts but he downplays his disappearance.

Bo returns to the Pub and tells Hope about the break-in at the hotel room. Nick hears what happened and assumes that Max is responsible.

Later, Max eyes the photo he took from Robbins' room. Robbins calls Nicole and insists they get together.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of Days of Our Lives!

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