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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on Days of Our Lives, Robbins confirms that he is Max's father. He claims he came to Salem when Max was a child and learned that the Brady family had adopted him.

Calling him a coward, Max asks why he abandoned him but Robbins tells him to leave the past alone. Accusing him of seducing his mother, Max demands to know all about her.

Instead, Robbins offers him money for his silence. Max asks him who the girl in the photograph is. After refusing to confirm it's his sister, Robbins convinces Max to meet him tomorrow.

Marlena finds John at the mansion and announces that she's come to pack the rest of her things. John apologizes for what he said at the pub.

Pointing out that she hurt him, John tells Marlena that he wanted to hurt her back. She insists she didn't hurt him deliberately so he apologizes again.

He claims that Ava is just a friend but Marlena warns that she can be very demanding and reminds him what she did to Steve.

After she agrees to stay for dinner, John gets a call about Paul leaving town. Chloe saunters up to the dock area and is disgusted to find Philip and Morgan kissing.

Philip pulls back and claims he can't do this.

Chloe confronts them and lays into Philip. Morgan states that Philip was just helping her and leaves.

Chloe reveals that her feelings for him are growing but realizes he doesn't have the same feelings she does.

E.J. and Nicole kiss at the Kiriakis mansion. She suggests going up to Victor's bedroom to have sex but E.J. can't wait.

However, before they can strip, Nicole stops him and tells him to go home to Sami with whom he's in love.

After he leaves, Victor arrives and guesses she was with E.J. Paul says goodbye to Morgan and warns her to stay away from Philip. Later, Paul's body is found.

What happens next on Days of Our Lives? Find out tomorrow!

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