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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
June 20, 2008

Today, on Days of Our Lives ...

Working out at the gym with Morgan, Chelsea admits she has a date with Daniel tonight. Morgan is shocked when Chelsea hints that things may get physical and points out how much older the doctor is.

Daniel tries to check on Kate but she screams at him to get out. He then calls Chelsea about dinner at the Chez Rouge tonight.

Lexie questions Kate about her attitude towards Daniel. Meeting at the Pub for breakfast, Marlena and John both agree last night was nice.

He invites her to stay at the mansion overnight next time but Marlena claims she's not ready for that.

Robbins calls Nicole and insists that they meet. Stephanie presses Max to tell Caroline about his father and mother but he refuses.

After Stephanie leaves, Robbins shows up, much to Nicole's disgust. He boasts that he's not going to let her go this time but she asks him to leave her alone.

She then guesses that someone has discovered his secret and he lies that it's a graduate student. Though Chloe wants Philip back in bed with her, a call from John demanding a meeting sends Philip out the door.

Chloe accompanies him to the Pub where John asks him to back down because he's lost their battle. Philip refuses and exits. He runs into Daniel and, guessing he wants to date Chelsea, encourages him to go for it.

Nick encourages Max to go to summer school to get his degree but he refuses. After another push from Stephanie, Max warns Caroline he has something to tell her about her biological father

Guessing he's interested in Ava, Marlena suggests to John that they get a divorce if they can't work out their problems. Chloe warns Morgan to stay away from Philip.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers ...

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