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Days of Our Lives
June 23, 2008
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Today on Days of Our Lives, E.J. bursts in and claims John told him he could stay. After Lucas exits, E.J. vows to take his child with him if she forces him out. Sami screams that he won't take her baby anywhere.

E.J. argues that she has feelings for him and claims she wouldn't have hopped into bed with him if she didn't. John returns and warns Sami that she'll be kicked out if she tries to force E.J. to leave.

Lucas secretly removes his ankle monitor and leaves the mansion again
. He stops by Chloe's place and tells her he heard Paul set the fire at the docks. She's curious to learn that Morgan is Paul's daughter.

She asks him to tell what he knows to the police to clear Philip but Lucas explains that he can't because he would be sent back to prison for leaving the mansion. He does offer to coach her so that she can be the witness.

Philip chats with Daniel about his love life and Daniel guesses he's dating Chloe. Philip hints that she may not be the woman for him but adds that Chloe wouldn't be happy about that. Kate calls to request he pick her up from the hospital after she's released today.

He suggests she stay at the Kiriakis mansion to recuperate. Chelsea confides in Hope that she has a date with Daniel but asks her not to tell Bo. Hope points out he's so much older than her but then agrees to keep it a secret as long as she tells Bo if there is a second date.

Bo asks Caroline for help planning a surprise party for Hope. When Chelsea leaves for the hospital, Bo senses Hope is hiding something from him and guesses that Chelsea's going on a date.

Hope lies that she doesn't know who her date is.

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