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Days of Our Lives
June 25, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Bo brings Hope to the Chez Rouge for his surprise for her. Their moment is spoiled when Daniel interrupts. Bo asks if he has a hot date and, if so, who is she.

Hope takes Bo away before Daniel can answer. Daniel then tries to reach Chelsea to warn her. Chelsea seeks Stephanie's help picking out an outfit to wear for her date with Daniel. They push their way into Max's place. He runs out, vowing to confront his father.

Stephanie tries to stop him and later, Steve has a talk with him about dealing with his father. Nicole reluctantly joins Robbins for dinner and asks why he can't leave her alone. He claims he wants to make amends for past mistakes and adds that their secret is safe with him.

Robbins then leaks that Max is his son. Chelsea arrives at the restaurant and quickly spots Bo and Hope. She assures Daniel she's not worried but does leak that she told Hope about their relationship though Bo doesn't know. The two stop by Bo and Hope's table and Bo is stunned to realize what's going on.

Marlena is there for Abe and Theo as they discuss the discovery that Theo is autistic. She suggests they find an autism support group to get more help. Marlena then heads to the mansion where she confronts John and Rolf.

She announces that she wants her husband back and pulls out the disc Philip gave her. Rolf panics and Lucas secretly listens as Marlena claims this is the key to John's past.

Morgan seeks Roman's help as she tells him that her father Paul is missing. Chloe interrupts and tells Roman that she saw Paul at the docks the night of the fire. She also claims he smelled of gasoline.

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Days of Our Lives
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