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Days of Our Lives
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Steve warns Max that telling everyone what Robbins did will be a mistake. He suggests he find out all he can about the guy first. Admitting he's on call tonight and won't be drinking, Daniel assures Chloe he's not worried about Bo's reaction to them dating.

When he's paged, Daniel invites her to come back to the hospital with him. There, he surprises her with a special romantic dinner.

Robbins again tells Nicole that he wants to start over with her but she counters that she's not interested. He reveals that Max knows about him and adds that without him, she might be dead now.

Nicole insists she saved her own life and compares him to her evil father. He warns her to keep quiet about what she knows or he'll tell her secret to the world. Morgan asserts to Roman that Chloe is lying about seeing her father at the docks the night of the fire.

She guesses that she's covering for John but Chloe offers to sign a statement about what she saw that night. As Chloe gives Roman her story, Morgan interrupts and claims she's doing this because she's jealous that Philip was kissing her.

After Roman sends her away, he asks Chloe what Paul was wearing that night. Thanks to a secret text message to Lucas, Chloe updates Roman on Paul's clothes. Though Rolf denies that he had anything to do with the disc and John's memories, Marlena insists he did and demands that he undo what he did.

Lucas interrupts and asks Marlena about the disc. John asks Marlena where she got the disc and when she doesn't answer, he guesses she's protecting the person who stole it.

He asks why Philip would care about him but Marlena reminds him she never said his name. He asks for the disc but she won't give it to him. Philip assures Morgan that he will make John pay if he's behind her father's disappearance. She thanks him with a kiss.

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