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Days of Our Lives
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

While Tony takes Anna out for dinner, Victor meets Philip at the bar and worries about a missing Paul.

Philip assures him that he has things under control. Watching Philip eye Morgan as she arrives, Victor asks if he's sleeping with Paul's daughter.

Philip denies it. Morgan introduces herself but then leaves to talk with Philip privately. She asks if he kissed her because he likes her or because he wants to find her father.

He insists he wanted to make her happy

Tony invites Anna to quit her job and come work for him. She refuses. He leaves to take a call and she's approached by Reginald Lundberg, the owner of the agency she works for.

He announces he has been forced to close the agency without a severance package for her. When Tony returns, Anna accepts his offer but asks that she work with him, not for him.

Tony quickly agrees and later, learns from Reginald that Anna lost her job. He presses Anna for the truth about changing her mind but she fails to tell him the truth.

As John argues with Marlena about uncovering his past, Ava interrupts. Seeing Marlena is there, she offers to leave but John asks her to stay. When he starts questioning the importance of his past, she claims that is who he is and walks out.

Ava pleases John when she states that she likes him just as he is. She suggests he destroy the disc.

Instead, he decides to go to the lab. As Daniel joins Chelsea in the hospital room for the romantic dinner he hastily arranged, he's paged again and leaves.

When he returns, the two start kissing. Abe and Lexie argue about what Theo can expect as a child and then an adult with autism.

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