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Mia tells Will she thinks they should stop spending time together. He enlists Maggie's help and she offers Mia a place to stay.

After calling an ambulance because Grace is having seizures, Sami calls Rafe and then Will.

Nicole is furious with E.J. because he's upset about Rafe being allowed to adopt Grace.

Calming down, he apologizes to his wife, admits he overreacted and decides that he will not go over to Sami's to complain.

E.J. then gets a call about Owen's arrest and decides to go see what Stefano suggests they do.

After he leaves, Chloe arrives and admits that while she loves Lucas, she is very disappointed in their life together.

Lucas calls and asks her to meet him at the Pub.

After struggling to put his fantasies of Chloe out of his mind, Daniel rushes to the ER to examine Grace.

Wanting to see his father, E.J. spots Sami and asks why she is at the hospital.

Hearing she can't reach Rafe, he offers to wait with her.

Taking a break from work, Rafe argues with his sister about his relationship with Sami. When Nicole tries to befriend him, Rafe questions her sincerity and warns that he knows of her games.

He panics when he notices a call from Sami and then his phone dies.

Nicole hurries to the hospital where she overhears Daniel telling Sami that they have stopped Grace's seizures but now he wants to run some blood tests.

Chloe offers Lucas advice on how to convince Will to stop seeing Mia and then states that she has something important to tell him.

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