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Days of Our Lives
June 30, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Robbins approaches Max at the shuttered Pub and claims he wants to make amends. He asks Max why he gave up driving race cars for a living.

Max isn't talking so Robbins next asks him to keep their relationship a secret. Max admits it's too late and asks who the girl is in the photo he found. Robbins won't talk and walks out.

Hearing about Chelsea dating Daniel, Roman urges Bo to stay out of it. He then updates Bo on Morgan's missing father. They decide to search Paul's place and Roman guesses that John will be the main suspect if he's vanished.

Later, Roman and Bo return.

Paul's suitcase is brought in just as Morgan arrives. Roman urges her just to go home. Sami overhears John accusing E.J. of lying about the annulment. E.J. tries to deny it but John leaks that Nicole told him.

He and Ava then head for the lab and leave them to argue. E.J. insists he's just trying to keep his family together. Sami gets him to confirm that the problem with immigration was also a scam.

She screams at him as he confesses he paid money for the scheme. Vowing never to forgive him, Sami accuses him of being the same jerk he's always been.

She removes her wedding ring and hands it to him but when he forces her to admit she has feelings for him, Sami runs from the room.

Stephanie presses Chelsea for all the details about her date with Daniel and then advises her on what to do to make sure there is a second one.

Stephanie reveals that Robbins is Max's father and doesn't like the idea when Chelsea urges her to give Max some space.

In the lab, John suddenly remembers hearing Stefano admitting John's brain contents are on the disc now. Ava urges him to destroy the disc but he declares he must do this.

However, when she claims she wanted to get to know him, John locks the disc in a drawer and kisses her.

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