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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 3.12.08

Lexie, Daniel and Kayla are busy analyzing the donor samples to find a match for Bo. Lexie's angry with Daniel for not suggesting this surgery sooner. Daniel insists the procedure could very well kill Bo.

Hope urges Bo to fight like hell to stay alive. They talk about how long they've been together and the times life has almost separated them.

Steve convinces Kayla to take a break from the hospital. He's planned a romantic picnic at home. Things get romantic and eventually they make love.

Max is working at the docks when Nick shows up. He thought Max was trying to ruin his career the other day. Max replies that he's jealous - this isn't the life he wanted. Nick tries to give him a pep talk, but Max doesn't hear it. Stephanie arrives and cheers Max up.

Marlena finds John in the middle of a meeting with Paul, the customs guy from the docks. John questions Paul about the possibility of delaying the Kiriakis ships. Marlena's disgusted. Later, she finds John on his way to bribe the customs guy and begs him to reconsider.

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Days of Our Lives
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