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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 3/13/08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Ava argues with her bodyguard about whether the woman in the picture with Steve is really his wife. She insists Hope is Kayla but he claims he's done his research. Upset, Ava reminds him that he works for her but he corrects her that he works for her father and has been helping her behind the man's back. He mentions how "messed up" in the head she is but she screams that she isn't "messed up."

Later, George, the other bodyguard tells Ava that Eddie quit and announces it's time for her therapy session with her psychiatrist. Ava wants nothing to do with the shrink. When Bo wakes, he asks Belle to help out Shawn no matter what happens to him. He then speaks privately to Steve, asking him to take care of Hope. Bo meets with Shawn and lectures him about filling in as the man of the family should something happen.

Shawn assures him that he will be there for Hope. He also mentions the idea of sailing around the world with Belle like Bo once did with Hope so he encourages him to fight what's ailing him.

Hope hears what Bo's been asking and orders him to fight to stay alive. After sex with Steve, Kayla returns to work and steps into the lab where Lexie and Daniel have been arguing. In spite of their disagreements, Daniel comes up with something and announces that it's time for Bo to go into surgery but won't allow Kayla to be in the OR since she's part of the family. Lexie overrules him. Kayla tells Shawn they found a donor for Bo.

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