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Days of Our Lives
Official Recap

Part One: Days of Our Lives Recap
Daniel advises Hope that if Chelsea's not ready for the procedure soon, Bo could die. Sending Hope out, Daniel warns Lexie and Kayla that it doesn't look good. After Kate encourages Chelsea to have faith that she can help her father, Chelsea sends her out for some water and then removes the I.V. from her arm so that she can leave. Marlena's encouraged when she finds John at the hospital. He admits he has some concern for Bo.

Part Two: Days of Our Lives Recap
Kate finds Stephanie trying to encourage Max and tells them about Chelsea's drinking. A nurse then reports that Chelsea is missing so Kate runs to tell Roman. Chelsea slips into Bo's and lies down next to him, apologizing for what she has done. Victor congratulates Steve on Kayla's pregnancy. While Philip and Steve go looking for Chelsea, Hope is touched to find her with Bo.

She points her out to Daniel who quickly orders Lexie to do a blood test on Chelsea to see if it's safe to operate. Chelsea then determines that it is as the Days of Our Lives credits roll ...

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Days of Our Lives
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