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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
March 21, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, John finalizes the deal with the customs guy to hold up all shipments from the Kiriakis business. Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive at the mansion. They tell John about their plans to sail the world and John volunteers to buy them a boat.

John shares a warm moment with Claire and says bon voyage to Belle and Shawn. Later, Shawn, Belle and Claire show up at the hospital to see Bo and Hope. Bo urges them to start their adventure now, don't wait for him to be released. They agree and say their goodbyes.

Kayla gets called to the ER just as Steve is about to tell her about Ava. Steve has a chat with Kayla's OB/GYN who tells him to make Kayla rest and avoid all stress. Steve decides to hold off on sharing the news about Ava.

Victor's having his first therapy session with Marlena. He gets a call from Philip and Marlena realizes John has bribed Paul, the customs guy, after all. Max is unloading a shipment from a Kiriakis boat when Paul, the customs guy, tells him to put it all back. Morgan shows up at the docks and Max realizes Paul is her father.

Philip shows up at the DiMera mansion ready to do battle with John. Marlena arrives and rails at John before storming out. Philip can't believe John is willing to lose the love of his life over this.

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Days of Our Lives
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