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Days of Our Lives
March 26, 2008 Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives, Morgan and Stephanie bring Chelsea presents to cheer her up in the hospital. Philip runs into Morgan and Stephanie and buys them a couple of lattes, admitting he's hoping to make it up to Morgan for the way he treated her father. Morgan suggests he apologize to her father directlyk.

Bo tells Lexie that he dreamed about Hope and couldn't reach her. She suggests that he call her. After he leaves a message for her, Bo calls Caroline to see if she knows where Hope may be. Bo is thrilled when Chelsea is wheeled in to see him. Kate announces to Tony that she picked his ad agency to handle her company's ads.

Just then, Anna calls Kate to see if she's made her decision and Kate gives her the bad news. Anna then chats with her boss and though she admits she didn't get all of Kate's business, she did get a small piece and insists she'll make Kate see the light. Stephanie arrives with David the photographer.

Max brings Stephanie flowers and kisses her. Morgan and photographer Mark arrive at Tony's office and find him trying to wipe spilled wine off Kate's blouse. Philip arrives and talks with Tony about promoting the Kiriakis shipping line. Held prisoner, Hope finds a letter opener and hides it when Ava returns. .

Still posing as Kayla, Hope reminds Ava that she is carrying Steve's baby. Ava vows not to let her go but explains that she'll bring Steve to "Kayla" so that he can end their relationship. Hope insists that Steve loves Kayla and points out that Ava killed her father. Ava lashes out when Hope calls her "sick" and orders her to call Steve.

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Days of Our Lives
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