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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
March 3, 2008

Hearing Chloe on the phone later speaking German, Philip hides a recorder to tape her and then his interpreter explains that Chloe told her agent that when she threatened to kill Brady, she didn't mean it.

Chelsea complains to Nick and Stephanie about how ill her father is and that he might die. Max joins them and Stephanie remembers he had his court hearing today. He was given probation for burying Decker's body.

Morgan joins them and boasts that she was just hired for a great internship and encourages Chelsea and Morgan to look for one too. Morgan and Chelsea encourage Nick to feel confident about being awarded a grant.

Morgan pulls him aside and flirts with him as she pushes him to focus on the task at hand.

Max warns Morgan to forget about going after Nick. Denying her interest in him, Morgan's curious when she sees Max removing a page from Nick's grant report. Kayla asks a nervous Steve why he's so "jumpy."

Claiming it's just the pizza guy, Steve slips into the hall where Abe reveals Ava has no local record so he accessed the ISA computer for information about her. Steve confides at one point in his life, he "hooked up" with Ava.

Kayla interrupts before he can reveal more. Steve lies that they're discussing the plane crash and sends her back inside. He then advises Abe that Ava's family is involved with drugs and guns...

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Days of Our Lives
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