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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
March 4, 2008

Part ONE
Bringing her the annulment papers, E.J. tells Sami that all she has to do is sign them. She starts reading them, vowing not to fall for anymore DiMera tricks. She makes fun of the idea when he claims he's got to get a job to support his family and then forces him to open the certified letter he received earlier. E.J. announces that his visa has expired. She guesses being married and having a son will keep him here and opts not to sign.

Part TWO
Crying while sitting on a park bench, Chelsea's embarrassed when she wipes her tears on the pants of a stranger sitting next to her. He asks what's wrong and when she complains about the terrible day she's having, he offers to help. He hands her a handkerchief but then gets a call and runs off. Staring at a photo of Hope, Ava wonders what her name is and how she can get out of the locked room she's in. When she screams out for the name of the woman on the plane, a note is pushed under the door and she reads the name Kayla Johnson ....

Victor advises Bo, Shawn and Hope that he found a specialist in Salem who can help determine what's actually wrong with Bo. After Lexie interrupts, Victor's specialist arrives in the form of Dr. Daniel Jonas who happens to be the man who took pity on Chelsea in the park. Victor admits that he is the doctor's godfather. Sent outside Bo's room with the others, Lexie complains to Victor about bringing in this stranger to handle Bo. Later, Daniel runs into Chelsea and she spills coffee on him this time.

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Days of Our Lives
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