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Days of Our Lives
March 5, 2008
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PART ONE: Morgan and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) offer their support to Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) as she worries about her father's health. The three then realize they've all going after the same internship at an ad agency and get phone calls requesting an interview time. Nick confronts Max about the page he ripped out of his notebook. Max claims he needed a piece of paper to write something down but when he hands the piece back to him, he suggests Nick meet with his advisor to check his calculations.

PART TWO: Nick discovers Max was right as he's told about an error found in Nick's formula. Tony stops by the Lumberg Agency where Anna asks him to leave, adding she doesn't have time for the sexual antics they enjoyed last time he came by. Later, Tony interviews Morgan for the internship and is so impressed with her that he hires her on the spot. Anna interviews Stephanie who convinces her to give her the job. Chelsea worries about the rivalry that Morgan and Stephanie will face because of their new jobs.

PART THREE: At the DiMera mansion Marlena's not pleased when John invites Rolf to see him. John announces that he has decided not to press charges against him for all he did to John. After Marlena leaves, John offers Rolf a job working at the mansion and orders him to shut down the lab, lock the door and lose his accent. After he hands John the key, Rolf grabs the disc from the desk and places it in the safe. Victor stops by the Pub and opens up to Caroline about his fear of losing Bo. Marlena invites Victor to be her patient.

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Days of Our Lives
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