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Days of Our Lives
March 6, 2008

On today's Days of Our Lives, E.J. tells Sami that he thinks he's figured out a way to beat immigration and stay in this country. Leonard Burke from the INS introduces himself to Sami and E.J. Sending Sami away, Burke boasts of the problems E.J. is facing but E.J. reminds him he's married and has a child with his wife.

Burke vows to rid the country of him because he's a DiMera. When Burke starts to question Sami, she orders him to get out. Hope finds a worried Chelsea near the docks and encourages her to have faith that Bo will survive.

Bo complains to Lexie about the non-stop stomach pain. He thanks her for her doctoring skills but also for being a friend. He asks her to have Abe bring him some work because he's bored. After pushing Abe to use more men to find Ava, Steve finds Kayla at the station house. She asks him why he's so jumpy lately and won't allow her to go back to work. Steve explains he's only concerned about the baby.

va lays into one of her guards about failing to sabotage the jet the correct way and demands a computer so she can do research on Steve. After he walks out, she remembers a romantic time on the beach with Steve and then looks at the photo of Hope, vowing to take Steve from her. The guard returns and says he may have found a way for her to get out. Abe brings Bo some paperwork as requested but when he starts reading the files, he has another attack. Victor tries to reassure Hope and Chelsea about Daniel and Chelsea embraces him.

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Days of Our Lives
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