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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Kayla explains to Hope Steve's fear that Vitali is going to use her to seek revenge against Steve. After Angelo tells her that her tests show that she is fine now, Ava guesses that her doctor kept her on the wrong drugs so that he could keep getting money from her father.

They run into Hope and Kayla who are at the hospital for a doctor's appointment. Ava thanks Kayla for treating her. Later, Angelo denies to Ava that he knows if her father will be going after Steve but is does admit that he was ordered to keep Ava "busy" today.

Stephanie demands that Max tell her the truth about Nick's proposal and how he "helped" it. Max insists he fixed a problem in it but didn't tell Nick because of his pride. Bo asks Roman for the file on his informant Earl's death. Roman guesses that Vitali is behind the murder.

Sami interrupts and complains that Lucas won't see her at prison. She asks Roman to convince Lucas to allow a visit. He makes a call and then reports back that Lucas won't see her. He suggests that she let him know that she still loves him.

Instead, a message for Sami arrives from Lucas and in it, he tells Sami that while he'll always love her, he writes that he doesn't want to see her again. At the Pub someone secretly watches as E.J. hands Steve an envelope.

Nick's caught off guard when Alicia tells him that his proposal has already been submitted because she saw it at the dean's office. Stephanie and then Max arrive and Nick informs them that someone submitted his unfinished proposal. Max plays dumb but later, Stephanie spills the beans.

The mystery person follows Steve to the docks where he aims his rifle at his target. Back at Bo and Hope's place, Hope instructs Kayla to get to bed since the doctor ordered her to remain in bed for the rest of her pregnancy.

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