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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Chelsea approaches Kate for advice about how to convince a man that she's in love with him. When Kate guesses she's talking about Daniel, Chelsea tells her about Daniel's dead wife.

Kate warns her not to get involved with the doctor. Ava's upset when Angelo admits that "the guys" are taking care of Steve. In a panic, Ava makes a call for help and boasts to Angelo that she's not going to allow her father to control her life anymore.

Just then, her father arrives and she orders him to back off whatever he has planned for Steve. Asking her not to tell Kayla, Bo calls Hope with a warning that Steve's in trouble at the docks.

Meanwhile, the hired assassin is frustrated as Steve keeps moving in and out of range of his rifle. Later, Bo points a gun at the assassin and saves Steve's life.

Steve asks him and Hope what took them so long. Kayla gets up but suffers a terrible stomach cramp and calls for help. Bo and Hope interrupt Ava and her father and place Martino under arrest.

Nicole finds Philip and Chloe at the Chez Rouge and lets Chloe have it for fooling around with Philip while Brady's in rehab. Philip points out Nicole's own indiscretions but Nicole insists that she cares for Philip and is trying to help.

After Nicole runs to see E.J., Chloe decides that they can't become involved. Philip disagrees but she won't change her mind. Sami heads to the gym after E.J. and is upset to see him helping an attractive woman there.

She flirts with a man named Chris working out next to her. When Nicole arrives, Sami boasts that she doesn't care about her relationship with E.J. Chris later warns Sami she heard Nicole and E.J. in the steam room together.

In the room, E.J. advises Nicole that he won't have sex with her because he's in love with Sami. Daniel approaches Marlena for advice. As John secretly listens, Daniel tells her about his late wife and admits that he's falling in love with another patient now.

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