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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Steve finds Kayla in pain at the house and accompanies her to the hospital. Max apologizes to Stephanie for lying to her and not trusting her.

The two start kissing and when Max invites her back to his place for dessert, she turns him down. Confronting him with the black book they found on him, Bo tells Martino that it belonged to Dr. Nusbaum so it's likely that he killed the doctor.

Ava demands to know what he did and offers to identify the killer as one of her father's hired hands. Angelo leaks that the doctor was simply following Martino's orders.

Ava claims that she overheard her father ordering her mother to be killed because she was going to leave him and guesses that's why he had her drugged.

Martino tries to grab a gun but Bo shoots and kills him. Frustrated when E.J. puts her off in the steam room, Nicole warns him that Sami will always love Lucas. E.J. disagrees and confides that he's asked the warden to add Lucas to the list of prisoners being released early due to an overcrowding problem. He adds that he wants to win Sami's love honestly.

Meanwhile, a distraught Sami complains to Rolf about E.J. He leaks that he overheard E.J. on the phone with the warden which means she may be seeing Lucas after all.

When E.J. returns to the mansion, he assures Sami that nothing happened between him and Nicole. She asks why he's trying to get Lucas released from prison. E.J. insists it's only because he wants her to be happy.

Sami reminds him of the night he raped her and warns that she'll never be able to forget what he did to her. E.J. claims that night changed him too as he's tried to be a better person since then.

Sami agrees it's time to start over. A drunk Nicole interrupts but after Sami chases her out, Sami kisses E.J. and then runs upstairs...

... until next time on Days of Our Lives!

Days of Our Lives
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