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Days of Our Lives
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

When Tony and Kate return from the TV shoot, Roman guesses it will never air because of Martino.

He pulls Kate aside and asks how she could get involved with the gangster. She confirms he was a "client" of hers but insists they only had dinner after he returned.

Anna argues with Tony about Kate because of her relationship with the dangerous thug. She admits she's jealous so Tony decides to do something to help their friendship. While she worries he's breaking up with her, Tony pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. She accepts.

Kayla has a nightmare about losing her baby. Steve calms her after she wakes and suggests they decide on a name for their baby. They pick the name Joseph. After sex, Sami tells E.J. that she wanted to hop into bed with him because of Nicole.

Meanwhile, Lucas arrives at the DiMera mansion. Rolf is shocked to answer the door and see him. After Lucas explains why he's free, he heads upstairs to surprise Sami.

He knocks on her door and walks in only to find E.J. in bed with her.

After he runs out, Sami chases after him and claims that she thought he was never coming back. Lucas responds that she's right as he's leaving with his daughter. Sami insists E.J. means nothing to her but he demands his daughter.

After a brief greeting to the baby, Lucas tells Sami he's done with her.

Meeting with Dr. Carrington for their first counseling session, Abe and Lexie start airing their marital problems that have driven them to the counselor's office.

The doctor suggests that Theo's not getting enough time with them and asks them to take him out together and then write about the experience. Finishing his statement about shooting Martino, Bo celebrates by dancing with Ciara.

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