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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on Days of Our Lives, Sami insists to Lucas that this is the first time she's had sex with E.J. since Lucas was sent to prison. As they argue, E.J. enters and confirms Sami's claim.

Ordering his rival to be quiet, Lucas tells Sami that she slept with the devil. John and Marlena arrive and Marlena's thrilled for Sami that Lucas is out of prison.

When John asks why Lucas is upset, Lucas yells that he caught Sami having sex with E.J. Marlena backs up Sami and insists there is nothing going on between Sami and her husband. Lucas wonders why Sami is still married to E.J. since the vendetta is long over.

Marlena asks Lucas to give Sami a chance to explain so Sami offers up a list of excuses for having sex with the man who once raped her. Frustrated, Lucas storms out of the mansion, setting off the ankle bracelet.

Kayla is frightened when Ava arrives in her room, bearing flowers for her. Kayla admits she had a nightmare in which Ava took her child from her but Ava assures her she has nothing to fear.

Ava then claims that she blames herself for what's happened to Kayla and wonders how she can make it up to her. Kayla urges her to do some good with her father's money.

Ava arranges for Kayla to finally see a photo of her baby.

Philip meets with a mystery man and repeats his orders to the stranger. Chloe arrives as the man leaves and asks Philip what he was doing. Philip tells her to forget about it since it was just business.

Admitting her divorce will soon be final, Chloe asks him to help her forget about Brady. Nicole finds E.J. and is shocked to hear he had sex with Sami. Hearing Lucas is out of prison, she tells him to forget about Being with Sami.

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