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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on Days of Our Lives, Lexie opens up to Daniel about the problems with Theo and her fear of telling Abe the truth that there is nothing wrong with their son. She invites him to open up about his own problems but Daniel turns down the offer.

Abe invites Lexie out to breakfast but when she claims she's got to work, he points out she's not working on their marriage. She eventually agrees to go with him to the cafeteria.

There, Abe's called away for a minute and when he finds his wife chatting with Daniel, he guesses she was talking about their marital problems. Lexie confirms it so Abe walks out.

Marlena urges Sami to fight for Lucas if she wants him back. Lucas tells E.J. that they can solve this problem by having E.J. move out. Sami and Marlena interrupt. Lucas announces that he's going to move out and take his daughter with him. Sami won't allow it.

When Rolf interrupts with a bottle of wine and a note from Nicole, Sami goes ballistic. As they argue, Lucas announces that he's leaving because it's obvious that Sami's in love with E.J. Sami denies it and later apologizes to Lucas who suddenly kisses her.

John finds Morgan chatting with Philip at the Pub about her father but backs off when she asks him to get away. Philip pulls Morgan aside and offers to speak to the D.A. on Paul's behalf if her father will give him everything he has on John.

Before she can answer, Chloe interrupts and introduces herself to "Philip's girlfriend." Running into E.J., Chloe agrees to have a drink with him in hopes of making Philip jealous. Roman warns John that there's a problem at the docks and it may affect him.

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