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Days of Our Lives
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May 27, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Chloe apologizes to Philip for her jealous outburst earlier and announces that she's leaving Salem and won't be coming back.

Philip tries to convince her to stay and kisses her but she says this isn't right. Henderson interrupts with an envelope for Chloe who announces that her divorce is final. As she bemoans her failed relationships, Philip admits his own failure but suggests that they can be happy.

The two then start kissing again. As Ava stops by the station house to arrange for the pick up of her father's body, Chelsea angrily lays into her for all that she has done. Admitting she's Bo's daughter, Chelsea orders her to stay away from him and Hope.

John wakes to find he's handcuffed. He complains to E.J. who offers his legal expertise and assistance. After Roman takes him away, Sami pleads with E.J. to help John.

When Lucas arrives to see what all the noise is about, Sami insists that she's not in love with E.J., a claim E.J. overhears as he secretly listens. She does admit that she has feelings for the guy. E.J. returns and grabs his briefcase, upset by what he's heard.

Sami takes the annulment papers out of the case and signs them in front of the two men. At the station house John insists he was protecting himself the way he's been programmed to act and doesn't know anything about the drugs in the shipments at the docks.

E.J. arrives, and as Ava watches, boasts that the arrest was illegal. Marlena pleads with Roman not to lock up John but Roman reminds her this isn't the "old" John.

Meanwhile, Ava convinces E.J. to take her case. Back at the mansion Sami asks Lucas to start over with her but then agrees to give him time to think.

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