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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Stephanie wheels Kayla to see the baby and Steve explains that he has a car waiting to take her home. Kayla claims that she can't leave their baby so Steve escorts her inside to get a closer look into the incubator.

He and Stephanie take Kayla to their newly decorated home. Nicole barges in as Chloe and Philip have sex. After Nicole insults her, Chloe hops out of bed and faces off with her until Philip drags Nicole out.

Mark and David bring their video equipment to the Pub where Morgan is complaining to Max about her concerns over her latest paper for school. Mark recognizes Max from his race car days and is shocked to learn that he's tending bar there.

When he presses him for the reason he's no longer driving, Max convinces him to concentrate on why he is at the Pub. David then rolls tape as Mark asks Morgan about her internship.

Later, after Stephanie joins them, Professor DiCarlo congratulates the kids on their work and also points out Nick's success. Stephanie asks Max if he's coming to the dinner in Nick's honor.

Ava uses her laptop and is shocked to read that her new attorney E.J. has been indicted for fraud. Nicole enters the Pub and when she recognizes Ava, she insists that they could be friends.

Ava is hesitant until they both start talking about the trouble they've had with men.

Marlena tries to stop E.J. from going upstairs to interrupt Sami and Lucas and guesses that he's happy Lucas saw Sami in bed with him.

E.J. denies it but claims that Sami and Lucas will not end up together. Comparing his feelings to hers for John, E.J. vows not to give up on Sami. Marlena tries to convince Roman to let John go but he advises her that the John she loves is gone and not coming back.

Marlena then fills him in on Lucas catching Sami in bed with E.J.

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