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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Kate stops by to see Chelsea who wonders why Daniel's no longer on her case. After giving Nick the cold shoulder, Chelsea later confides to Stephanie that she's in love with the doctor.

Stephanie catches Max making some changes in the notebook Nick left behind but Max downplays her concern. Daniel arrives and overhears Chelsea's friends talking about how upset she is she can't have children.

Daniel visits with Chelsea and surprises her with a passionate kiss as he tells her goodbye. Kayla advises Martino that Ava's doctor was giving her the wrong medication. Ava asks her father why he would allow that to happen. He insists he would never harm his daughter.

Martino and Steve exchange comments and then Kayla suggests they leave because Ava's de- toxing" is not pleasant for anyone. Kate spots Martino at a table and mentions walking upon a crime scene which featured someone who was murdered.

Martino reminds her he abhors violence and she agrees to meet him later for drinks and dinner. At the Pub Philip offers Max money to keep an eye on John while he works at the docks. Max refuses and Morgan accuses Philip of trying to bribe Max. Philip denies it.

Arriving for E.J.'s immigration hearing, Roman advises Sami and her husband that he testified in favor of E.J. After John and Marlena arrive, Nicole pops in and wonders aloud why the hearing is necessary since E.J. was born on American soil to an American mother.

E.J. explains that when they went to Europe, a different mother was listed on his birth certificate and all the records were "lost." Mr. Burke questions John about why he supports E.J. and Sami since he lost his memory. John claims it's obvious to him they are in love.

Finally, the two are questioned about their relationship and Sami testifies that she loves her husband. E.J. argues that his feelings for Sami have changed since they first met. E.J. ends the session by asking Burke to allow him to be with his family since it's all he has left.

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