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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's Days of Our Lives, Sami presses E.J. to admit that he was meeting with Nicole but he avoids answering. After they kiss, Daniel tells Chelsea that they can't be together. He points out how much older he is and reminds her she has Nick in her life.

Chelsea insists she doesn't love Nick anymore but Daniel claims he will only stay in Salem if she accepts that they cannot be together. Marlena is shocked to find John has replaced the painting of Stefano that hides the wall safe with a painting of her.

Sami interrupts and admits that he told John about their stormy past. Nicole and E.J. interrupt and she boasts about their mad, passionate affair. Falling for her ruse, Sami accuses E.J. of cheating on her but he ignores her and asks Nicole to stop this. E.J. then reads the notice from Immigration and announces that his visa has been renewed.

After Nicole leaves, Sami hints that she can divorce him now. Marlena asks John to show her the disc but he discovers it's missing. Roman stops Bo from fighting Martino. When Martino claims he paid her bail because he loves her, Ava asks her father if he also paid her psychiatrist to give her the drugs that almost killed her.

Martino tries to talk with Ava but she announces she wants nothing to do with him and leaves. At the station house Roman advises Bo they don't want Martino to know they're watching him. Ava interrupts and offers to help them find out all they can about her father.

Seeing Chelsea arrive at the Pub and take Nick away, Max and Stephanie guess correctly that she's dumping him. Chelsea asks Nick if they can be friends but he walks out on her. Martino tells his hired thugs that he wants to take care of Steve and now Bo.

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Days of Our Lives
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