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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on Days of Our Lives:

As John searches for the missing disc, Marlena wonders if Rolf might know why someone would want it. Rolf denies that he would take the disc but Sami thinks he's lying.

After John sends Rolf out, Sami asks John if he thinks E.J. took the disc. Once Sami leaves, Rolf assures John he didn't take the disc. John claims he knows that and calls to have a new security system installed.

Lexie approaches Daniel about consulting on another patient. He mentions he's leaving town and then tells her about a cancer patient who ended up being his wife. Daniel describes how he tried his best to save Rebecca's life but that she died in his arms.

Lexie tells him he can't be afraid to fall in love again. Hope pleads with Roman and Abe to let her investigate the doctor's murder. Though Bo's against it, Abe assigns her the case. As Victor chats with Chelsea at the Pub, Nicole confronts him and accuses him of having her dog poisoned.

After Nicole leaves, Chelsea asks Victor if he can convince Daniel to remain in Salem. She laments that she's the reason he's leaving but then senses that Victor knows something about the doctor he's not telling her.

Victor finally tells her about Rebecca, a cancer patient Daniel married but was unable to save her life. E.J. comforts Nicole outside the Pub and as she embraces him, Sami finds them together and asks E.J. if he's like this with all of his clients.

Unimpressed by Nicole's dog story, Sami suddenly kisses E.J. passionately.

Chelsea stops by the gym and when she learns Daniel is in the steam room, she slips inside with him and announces that she knows about his wife.

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