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As Chelsea suggests they go see Kate, Philip explains that they can't because she's having a bad reaction to the chemotherapy treatment.

John asks when Marlena returned to town and wonders aloud if she was going to call him. He admits he got the divorce papers and isn't pleased but she states it is inevitable.

Marlena stops him from leaving and admits she thinks they can be friends. John responds that he will be fine on his own but then staggers.

Marlena helps him back up and he assures her he's fine and will walk her home. E.J. invites Nicole to go out on their "first" date together but she's not interested.

As they argue, Nicole feels the baby kick.

When Rafe insists on calling his boss about her pregnancy, Sami claims she's cramping and howls in pain. He assumes she's bluffing but when she continues to cry out, he decides to call for an ambulance.

Sami tells him she doesn't need one.

When she feels the baby kick, she grabs Rafe's hand and places it on her belly so he can experience it. He's not sure what he feels and grabs the phone again.

Sami convinces him not to put her baby in danger from the DiMeras, at least for one night. Bringing his shirt back to him, Stephanie agrees with Max that maybe one day, they can be friends.

Chelsea arrives next, crying about Kate.

When she asks him about Stephanie, Max insists that she's out of his life. At the same time, Philip runs into Stephanie. He reminds her about his job offer and she accepts.

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