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Bo is stunned when Ray the cemetery caretaker picks out Nick's photo as the tall man he saw the night Trent was murdered. Hope wonders if Nick saw Melanie kill Trent.

They hurry to Maggie's place but fail to find the two. Maggie confides her concern about the medication Nick is taking. Snooping, Hope announces all of their things are gone.

Unable to remember, Melanie is stunned when Nick lies that he saw her kill her father. He asks her to let him protect her by fleeing Salem with her. Instead, Melanie decides that she must turn herself in to the police.

Nick points out that he would be arrested too and convinces her it's better to skip town. Hiding out at a motel, Nick tells Melanie they should fly to Las Vegas and get married since spouses can't be forced to testify against each other.

While E.J. waits upstairs in bed for Nicole, she is surprised to find Brady at the mansion door. He explains that he must make amends to those people he hurt and admits they might even be friends.

She mentions she's pregnant with E.J.'s baby and though he's not pleased, he is glad that she's happy. E.J. comes downstairs and finds them together. As he leaves, he privately asks the maid to keep an eye on the two of them.

Brady asks Nicole to help him get through to John.

Marlena guesses to John that he was indifferent to Brady because he fears that his son may bring back his memory. John claims he has no connection to his son.

He then warns Roman that he's hired a private detective to try to find the person who killed the mayor. Roman assumes he's doing this to impress Marlena.

E.J. asks Marlena if he should be concerned about Brady's return.

She guesses he has feelings for Nicole and urges him to ask Nicole about Brady. Nicole warns John that Brady has asked for her help connecting to him.

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