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As Philip listens in unbeknownst to anyone, Melanie asks Nick if he's going to kill her like he killed her father. She claims she's starting to remember that night and he responds that he's sorry she remembers.

Melanie tries to run out but he grabs her as she yells that she hates him. Philip advises Stephanie he thinks he knows where the two are.

They rush to Bo and Hope and guess that Nick has taken Melanie to a motel by the airport. He uses Bo's computer to figure out which one.

Melanie calms down and urges Nick to do the right thing and call the police. He doesn't like the idea and roughly grabs her so he can complain about not caring about him.

Nick then describes how it felt to kill her father and compares it to the time he killed Willow. She's stunned to hear this.

Bo and Hope arrive at the front door and break through just as Nick pushes Melanie over a railing. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Philip approach from the rear.

Showing her plans for their new house, Lucas tells Chloe he offers these as proof of his commitment to her.

He's upset when she mentions that Brady is back in town but then she assures him that seeing Brady makes her appreciate Lucas even more.

Finding Daniel smiling at her in her hospital room, Kate claims that she's better now because of him. He promises her test results soon.

Chloe and Lucas arrive so Daniel takes his leave, assuring them that the chemotherapy worked well. Later, Chloe confronts Daniel and demands to know the truth.

Daniel assures her Kate is better but adds that she still has cancer.

Lucas notices Kate has softened towards Chloe but she asks him about Sami. He announces that he's going to propose to Chloe.

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