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As John points his gun at her and her masked attacker, Marlena screams not to shoot. She forces herself away and grabs John's gun ... as it goes off!

Marlena is fine, but John realizes the masked man escaped. As she's being released from the hospital, Daniel warns Kate to take it easy for awhile.

She asks him to back off but he responds with a passionate kiss and then escorts her to her party. When Brady joins Lucas and Chloe at the Pub, Lucas asks if Chloe told him their good news.

He reveals that he's buying a house for her and Allie.

As E.J. flies to Argentina with Stefano, Nicole is in pain and fails to reach him on his phone. She calls Brady for help and he rushes out of the Pub.

As they watch him leave, Chloe guesses that Lucas is jealous. She assures him that Brady is in the past and that Lucas is her future.

Chelsea asks Bo to take her to see a jailed Nick but Bo doesn't like the idea and suggests she join the party for Kate at the Pub.

When Brady arrives at the cabin, Nicole thanks him but suggests he stay there with her. Brady insists that she's going to the hospital.

There, the doctor explains that Nicole is in pre-term labor and adds that if her baby is actually born today, it will not survive.

Later, Nicole passes out. Bo and Hope investigate the attack on Marlena. Bo asks John why's he's there.

As they leave, John assures Bo and Hope that he'll protect Marlena but she insists that John is the person who needs help. On the jet, Stefano argues with E.J. about his feelings for Sami and Nicole.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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