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Melanie tries to find a new place to live, and as John reminds her he just saved her life, Marlena tells him she wants nothing to do with him if he doesn't get help. She sent his file to Dr. Kenneth Taylor.

Brady is kicked out of Nicole's hospital room as the doctor tries to save her life and the life of her unborn baby.

The doctor takes a moment to urge Brady to call the father.

Later, the doctor tells Brady that Nicole is fine but her baby didn't survive. Brady returns to her room and when she wakes, he tells her the shocking news.

The nurse assures her that she can get pregnant but Nicole knows otherwise. Meanwhile, E.J. returns to Salem and is concerned when he can't find Nicole.

Nick gives Chelsea a hard time when she comes by to visit him in jail. He claims prison will be good for him which upsets Maggie.

He asks Maggie to help out Melanie who has no place to live. Maggie runs to Marlena and asks her to go see Nick.

Marlena offers to get her some names of other psychiatrists to help Nick and then advises her to allow Melanie to stay with her temporarily.

Melanie decides to try and get a job at Titan but is disappointed to find Philip is in charge.

Melanie offers Maggie a room but insists she stay away from Nick.

Seeing Chelsea, Melanie takes a moment to argue with her about Nick but Chelsea claims it's Melanie's fault that Nick is in jail.

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