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Melanie gets Philip to reveal that he's head of the foundation. Claiming he won't change his mind, Philip demands more tests from Nick.

Outraged, Melanie guesses that Chelsea convinced him to do this but then backs off though Melanie continues to complain.

Nick agrees to make some changes and resubmit his proposal.

Telling him what Philip did, Nick asks Max for his help and then mentions that Melanie will get some of his money once this project pays off.

Warning him she's trouble, Max gets Nick to admit that he loves Melanie. Meanwhile, Philip accuses Melanie of only being interested in Nick for his money.

She denies it but Philip goes on to claim that Nick can't handle her.

As Abe, Lexie, Bo and Hope celebrate Abe's victory with the others, Tony and Roman both worry about Stefano's role in the ex-mayor's death.

E.J. interrupts and tells Bo that Nicole is missing.

Bo makes a call and reveals that she's in the jail infirmary.

Abe makes his acceptance speech and thanks Lexie as he promises to do good for the citizens of Salem. He then advises Roman he's going to appoint Bo as the new police commissioner.

Roman offers to investigate Stefano's role in the shooting death of the mayor. Bo happily accepts when Abe asks him to be his new police commissioner.

Meanwhile, Nicole is wheeled into the infirmary where she asks why they're not going to University Hospital. There, she gets into trouble with fellow prisoner Candy who threatens her until a nurse interrupts.

The other prisoners soon confront Nicole and threaten to hurt her again. E.J. arrives and orders a nurse to let him in to see Nicole.

When she won't, he returns with a court order and takes Nicole back to her cell.

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