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As Abe prepares to make his candidacy announcement, Lexie fires Lacey. She seeks revenge and calls the mayor and offers him some juicy gossip.

Later, in front of the crowd of people gathered to hear Abe's announcement, she accuses Abe and Lexie of being terrible parents and of Lexie being jealous of Abe's interest in her.

Abe is outraged but Lexie tells her husband to let it go.

Sami stuns Lucas with the news that E.J. not only impregnated her but also Nicole. Laughing, he suggests this may keep Stefano from having any interest in her baby.

Lucas then realizes that she failed to tell her parents that she's pregnant. Sami tries to convince Lucas not to tell anyone she's pregnant.

He agrees but adds that he won't stay silent for long. E.J. is with Nicole as Kayla conducts an ultrasound examination and the two see the unborn baby for the first time. Test results show that E.J. is the father of her baby.

Max warns Stephanie that if she turns in the wallet, it will hurt Melanie. He considers making the wallet disappear but she points out it may clear Caroline too.

Bagging the wallet, Stephanie and Max ask Bo to test for other fingerprints on Trent's wallet. Bo asks where they got it and Max guesses that Melanie planted it.

Bo later reports that only Stephanie's and Max's fingerprints were found on it. Finding him having a beer at the Pub, Melanie guesses to Nick that his drinking was due to her and suggests that it would be best for him to stay away from her.

Nick refuses and, after he compliments her on her beauty, the two share a passionate kiss.

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