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Evan shows Abe the site featuring gossip re: his and Lexie's marriage. Abe decides he is not going to run a negative campaign.

Lexie confides in Chelsea that she's uncomfortable dealing with accusations about her family. While Chelsea plays with Theo, a blogger asks Lexie about her affairs with Brandon and Tek.

Meanwhile, the mayor presses Stefano for his support.

Stefano agrees to help but only if the Mayor leaves Lexie and Theo out of his campaigning.

Hearing her decide that she should move into the DiMera mansion, E.J. accuses Nicole of using her pregnancy to try to make some money.

She confirms his claim but points out she's going to need money to raise her baby.

Feigning she's hurt by his accusations, Nicole announces that she's leaving and E.J. falls for her ruse, asking her to stay.

Nicole admits that she thought she couldn't get pregnant and calls her impregnation a "miracle."

Sami tries to hide her ever-enlarging belly but Lucas advises her that she's not going to be able to keep her pregnancy secret for much longer.

Chloe arrives at the cabin and is surprised to find Sami there.

When Lucas explains that she'll be staying there for awhile, Chloe turns around and walks out. Lucas chases after her and apologizes, telling her that she is the women he wants in his life.

E.J. stops by the cabin to check up on Johnny and when Sami spots him, she suggests that Nicole's pregnancy is a great time for them to end their relationship and asks when he's going to marry Nicole.

E.J. later returns to Nicole and invites her out on a date.

Armed with the test results on her biopsy, Daniel tells Kate that they were "inconclusive." Kate thanks him for his help and friendship and the two eventually have sex.

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