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Max admits he told Stephanie about her confrontation at the cemetery. She leaks to Bo and Hope that Melanie argued with Trent.

She adds that she thinks Melanie is dangerous and should be arrested as soon as possible.

When Stephanie lets Max know that she dropped a dime on his sister, Max announces that he's ending things with her because she betrayed him.

Bo asks Melanie to sit and tell him everything about Trent.

Melanie lies that she didn't see her father the night he was killed and calls Stephanie a jealous liar. Later, Melanie remembers coming to in the cemetery and seeing her father stumble and fall over.

E.J. accompanies Nicole to the hospital for a examination.

Lexie spots her and asks what's wrong. Nicole explains that she tripped over the mayor's lifeless body. Lexie doesn't believe her until Nicole insists she's telling the truth.

Afterwards, Daniel assures Nicole that she is fine.

Relieved, E.J. assures Nicole that he is serious about their baby and expects to spend the rest of their life together. Alone later, Nicole suffers a terrible stomach pain.

After Lexie hears about the death of the mayor outside the DiMera mansion, Lexie blames Stefano for it.

Insisting he only pulled his financial support for the dead man, Stefano denies killing him and, after she leaves, Stefano makes a mystery call.

Chelsea's encouraged when Nick agrees to have dinner with her.

But when he gets a better offer from Melanie, Nick quickly cancels his date with Chelsea, upsetting her.

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