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Philip catches Daniel as he emerges from the Kiriakis pool and punches him for "fooling around" with his mother.

Daniel claims it's none of his business but Philip orders him to stay away from Kate.

Sami describes for the police sketch artist the man she saw shoot the mayor.

Marlena invites her daughter to move in with her and worries when Sami decides to stay at the cabin with Lucas and Chloe.

Meanwhile, the killer is on the phone, promising the caller that Sami will be dead by the end of the evening.

Lexie confides to Tony that she thinks she may be the reason the mayor is dead since she asked Stefano to help deal with the man.

Tony insists that Stefano would not have had the mayor killed.

Abe joins them at the Chez Rouge and ends up hosting a press conference at the restaurant.

He offers his sympathy for the mayor's family and then denies that Stefano has given him any campaign money.

Finding Nicole doubled over in pain, John offers to call the hospital but she stops him and claims it was just a little pain.

Asking him not to tell E.J., Nicole assures him that she is fine.

Having fetched ice cream for Nicole, E.J. interrupts Stefano as he chats on the phone and asks him to stay away from Nicole to help keep her life stress-free.

John then accuses Stefano of arranging the hit on the mayor but Stefano laughs at the accusation.

John finds Sami with Marlena and invites her to move into a suite at the Salem Inn but again, she opts to stay at the Horton cabin.

After she leaves, Marlena warns John that Sami's in danger. Sami calls Lucas and demands that he come and get her.

Chloe's not pleased and when Sami arrives, she points out how pregnant Sami looks. Sami's upset Lucas revealed her secret but he insists she must tell E.J.

Just then, E.J. enters and claims that he's concerned Sami is not well. As they talk, the assassin takes aim at Sami.

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