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Stephanie complains to Philip that Max ended things with her. Philip assures her that she did the right thing and Max will forgive her.

Bo confirms for Max that his sister is a suspect in Trent's murder. As he denies that Melanie confessed, Stephanie overhears him and calls him a liar.

Max apologizes to her but Stephanie reminds him they are "over." Unaware that the man who assassinated the mayor is outside the cabin, aiming a gun at her, Sami argues with E.J. who unknowingly gets in the line of fire.

Chloe tries to tell Nicole about Sami's "condition" but Nicole states that she doesn't want to hear anything about Sami.

Instead, she pulls out a book of baby names and seeks Chloe's advice on picking one or two.

Nicole then claims that E.J. wants to take care of her and the baby.

When Nicole thanks her for her honesty, Chloe slips away and calls Lucas, seeking his permission to tell Nicole about the pregnancy. When he refuses and she makes a threat, Lucas runs from the cabin.

Sami asks E.J. to leave too but he refuses and eventually yells at her to take cover as a shot rings out. Roman, Marlena and John arrive later.

Roman decides to place Sami in a witness protection program. Out at the Chez Rouge for the night, Melanie has fun with Nick until she imagines seeing

Trent next to her. She runs to her room but can't shake the vision which taunts her for killing him.

Melanie denies it but than adds that she can't remember. She runs out of her room and into Philip who claims to know what she did to her father.

When he threatens to go to the police, she dares him and then claims that Trent gave her his wallet. Assuming she's about to mention Sami's pregnant,

Lucas stops Chloe as she talks to Nicole and then offers to tell Nicole himself. But before he can, Sami calls about the attempt on her life so Lucas runs off, telling both women about the shooting.

John later advises Nicole that E.J. saved Sami's life.

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