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Bo blasts Max, but Stephanie interrupts and tells Bo that she'll be glad to sign a statement about Melanie - who asks Philip not to say anything about the wallet as she slowly unbuttons his shirt. He kisses her.

Philip accuses her of using sex to try to buy his silence.

He takes her to the Pub where he spots Bo and invites him to handcuff Melanie. When Bo backs off, Melanie leaves. Bo blasts Philip for not telling him sooner about the wallet.

He then asks Max if Melanie confessed to him.

Told she can't have her children with her in the witness protection program, Sami refuses to go. When E.J. congratulates her, Lucas orders him to back off.

Ignoring him, E.J. invites Sami to move into the DiMera mansion to stay safe. Lucas insists that she do something to keep her children safe so Sami changes her mind and agrees to go into hiding.

Roman explains that Hope is bringing the kids to say goodbye before she leaves for the safe house. Lucas confides to Sami that he knows she's doing this to hide her pregnancy.

Before she leaves, her son touches her belly and E.J. becomes curious. When Kate and Daniel meet at the hospital, he apologizes for having to wait for her biopsy results.

She confesses that she wants him.

Chelsea arrives and looks for Daniel. She finds him just after he and Kate finish kissing. Chelsea confides to Kate that she has decided to forgive her because she knows her relationship with Daniel is a thing of the past.

But when she spots Kate with Daniel's shirt, she blasts her for lying to her. Kate counters that Chelsea ended things with Daniel so it's really none of her business.

Daniel returns and announces that Kate has cancer. Melanie finds a note that reads that someone knows what happened at the cemetery.

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