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Melanie considers burning the note but Nick stops her, insisting he'll come up with a way to help. Chelsea finds them together and warns Nick.

But after Chelsea accuses her of killing her father, Melanie counters that she heard Chelsea hit her own brother with a car.

Chelsea slaps her and storms out.

When E.J. asks why her son said "baby" while touching her belly, Sami puts her son to bed and then convinces E.J. it meant nothing.

Chloe interrupts and Roman announces that it's time for Sami to leave. Putting her in a car, Roman orders Sami not to have any contact with E.J. or anyone else.

Inside, Chloe confesses to Lucas that she is glad Sami is gone and guesses that he's upset. But, after the two agree that Sami has done horrible things to Lucas, they both agree it's all for the better that Sami is in hiding.

But when Lucas hints Sami will be in hiding for a long time, Chloe realizes she's using the ploy to hide her secret.

E.J. returns to Nicole who lays into him for being with Sami once again.

He insists he just wanted to insure that his son was safe.

She suggests they go up to bed but he decides he wants to take a walk instead and asks her to look after his sleeping baby.

E.J. leaves. The baby starts crying which frustrates Nicole. E.J. returns later and finds her asleep with the baby.

At the safe house, Roman hands Sami over to Darryl and then hugs Sami goodbye. Later, Darryl advises Sami that she doesn't go anywhere and he will not leave her alone.

When he learns E.J. secretly slipped her some photos, Darryl worries he planted a tracking device.

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