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Lexie changes her mind and tells Abe she doesn't want to do the magazine photo now. As they start to argue, Theo walks away.

Chastised by a patron, Lexie's had enough and starts packing only to change her mind and decide to stay together as a family should.

Chelsea asks Daniel if Kate is going to die. Daniel claims he can't talk about her case. Kate brings Philip and Lucas to her place where she announces that the test shows she has lung cancer and that she wants them to help her business succeed.

She points out she'll only be away from the business while she is getting treatment and convinces Philip to release Lucas from his contract at Titan so he can work for her.

Lucas suggests having more tests but Philip urges him to back off.

Kate pleads with them both to stop arguing for her sake.

Later, Chelsea stops by the hospital to offer Kate a religious medal. After Hope asks her to come downstairs for a chat at the Pub, Melanie panics when a mystery person calls and claims they saw her in the cemetery.

She starts packing.

Downstairs, Max confides to Bo that he now thinks that Melanie did kill their father but does feel sorry for her.

He spots Melanie slipping out of the Pub.

Bo gives chase and stops her but Melanie claims she can go anywhere she wants. As she starts to leave, Bo asks if she's interested in her father's will and introduces her and Max to Mr. Berman, Trent's lawyer.

Berman reads that Trent left everything to Melanie but adds that he was broke when he died.

He hands Max a box Trent left for him but Max won't open it. The lawyer later hands Melanie an envelope.

She tries to hide it from Bo but he asks what's inside it.

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