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Sami opts to pick a fight with E.J. instead after learning he was having dinner with Nicole. She then calls Lucas who takes her to his place.

E.J. complains to Stefano about how Sami can be. Stefano laughs that E.J.'s in love with her and warns that he'll always be connected with her.

Philip's not happy to hear Daniel's involved with Kate's treatment. Lucas tries to stop him as he lays into the doctor but Kate apologizes for him.

Before she goes into the OR for her biopsy, Kate finally confides to Daniel that she's glad he's there. Knowing she's pregnant, John wonders aloud to Nicole if she should tell E.J.

Complaining that E.J. left her to be with Sami, Nicole considers not telling him that she's carrying his child in order to protect the baby.

After crying some more, Nicole changes her mind and assures John that she will give him her news. He invites her to celebrate with him at the Chez Rouge. Later, while dining, John suffers another "episode."

Once it's over, the two agree to work together to get her back with E.J. and him with Marlena. Thanking him for his help, Chloe boasts to Philip that she has an audition with the Kansas City Opera Company and is leaving tonight.

Back in Salem after a lengthy visit with her mother, Morgan finds Philip kissing Chloe, unaware she's saying goodbye.

Getting him to confess he's in love with Chloe, Morgan ends things with Philip and decides to move to Chicago and accept an internship there.

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