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Hilda lays down some rules for Sami, vowinh not to take her eyes off her. When trick-or-treaters come to the door, Hilda greets them - by telling them their house is off limits.

Sami finds some sleeping pills and slips them into Hilda's tea.

When Nicole assures E.J. she has nothing to hide, Bo pulls out a bag and Hope hands it to her.

Nicole finds her torn marriage certificate inside.

She denies tearing it up but Bo points out her fingerprints were on it. E.J. demands that he back off. Instead, Bo presses Nicole who finally admits she did rip up the document.

Mentioning Colin and Victor, Hope points out that Nicole has tried to kill her lovers before. Bo reads the note from Trent which claims that Nicole should be the main suspect if he should die.

He then reveals a search warrant so they can search the mansion. Hope finds a dress with a missing bead that was found in the cemetery.

As Nicole remembers struggling with Trent in the cemetery, Bo announces that she is under arrest. Reporter Mona Roy approaches Abe, Lexie and Theo to do her interview of the mayoral candidate.

She greets Theo but he doesn't react at first.

But when he suddenly hugs her, Lexie explains how she and Abe are dealing with their son's autism. While Kate is having her first chemotherapy treatment, Lucas demands that Daniel tell him her prognosis.

Daniel finally admits that her chances for survival are not very good. Lucas then approaches his mother and uses her to use any remaining energy to fight the cancer.

He then invites Chloe to share her own cancer threat with Kate but when Kate sees her, she asks her to leave. Chloe dares her to fight to live so that she can break up her and Lucas.

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