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Stephanie tells Max that Caroline has been released from jail. Lucas assures Sami he didn't tell E.J. that she's carrying his baby.

Insisting it's because of Stefano, not E.J., Sami convinces Lucas not to tell E.J. about her pregnancy.

As Bo and Roman work together on Trent's murder, they hear Nick out in the hall and discover he's been arrested for DUI.

He mumbles that he is responsible for Trent's death and finally explains that it was his prototype that brought Trent to town.

Maggie arrives and lectures Nick about the problems of alcohol.

Nick confides to Maggie that after seeing Daniel, he started drinking heavily and she guesses it's because of his feelings for Chelsea.

Mayor Marino interrupts with encouragement about their investigation and spots Max's name on the nearby suspect board.

Roman decides to get a search warrant for Max's room.

There, the two find Max's blood-stained shirt. Max explains that he got into a verbal argument with Trent and that the two had a fight the night he died.

The two decide to bring him downtown.

At the cemetery a dazed Melanie remembers the night she was armed with a knife and confronted Trent. He threw his wallet at her and during the resulting struggle, she dropped her knife.

She remembers they both grabbed for the knife but then she can't remember what happened next. Stephanie calks her to the stationhouse where she blasts Melanie for using Max.

When the test results show it's Trent's blood on Max's shirt, Bo and Roman admit it's the first evidence they have.

Eyeing Trent's wallet, Melanie hears them warn Max that unless they can prove someone else is responsible, Max is their prime suspect.

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