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Abe voices his concern to Bo and Hope that Stefano is back controlling the system and there seems to be nothing they can do about it.

Lexie overhears Abe complaining to Hope and Bo about how difficult it is to deal with Theo.

After the Bradys leave, Abe confides to his wife that he is thinking of resigning as police commissioner and wants to take some time away with her but she can't go.

Lexie gets a call requiring her to appear before a hospital board review panel. Bo and Hope get a lead on Trent's wife, "Misty Circle."

Remembering the name belongs to a porn star who was in "Locker Room Lolita," Bo reports that the name was used by Nicole.

After a run-in with Nicole outside the Pub, Trent goes inside and sits with Marlena who admits that she's getting a divorce from John.

He tries to charm her but she's not interested in him.

Nicole catches John standing outside the Pub, watching Marlena with her "date." After Nicole warns again that Trent's a dangerous man, John rushes inside and punches an unsuspecting Trent.

Startled by what he has done, John falls to his knees while Trent runs to get some ice.

John tells Marlena that he didn't know what he was doing and hands out money to her and Trent for any damage he might have caused.

After he leaves, Marlena orders Trent to stay away from her and any Brady family member.

Outside, Nicole becomes nauseous and leaves. At the mansion Tony and Anna are curious when they see Anna meeting Stefano for a dinner date.

Afterwards, Stefano pulls Kate aside supposedly to discuss "business."

Tony and Anna overhear Stefano propose marriage to Kate. She puts him off, telling him she can't give him an answer right now.

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