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Lexie is told that they are questioning her role as Chief of Staff. Daniel assures her he will give them a glowing report about her work.

Lexie worries about Eleanor, one particular board member who may be out to fire her. Julie interrupts and boasts that she and Doug support her.

Hearing Kate cough again, Philip insists on taking her to the hospital.

There, it turns out Daniel is the only doctor available and offers to examine her after seeing the results of her last test.

Kate refuses but Philip urges her to back off and let him do his job. Kate doesn't like the attention but then starts coughing again, spitting up blood this time.

As the hospital board meeting is called to order, Eleanor points out Lexie's failures over the past year. Daniel steps in to testify and defends Lexie and the job that she is doing.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Salem is furious over how the police handled the lookdown at the hospital and decides that someone must be fired.

Abe accuses the mayor of being in Stefano's back pocket and when the mayor complains, Abe announces that he is resigning so he can do all he can working outside the law to put Stefano behind bars.

E.J. is amused to find Nicole still at the Pub. Admitting she doesn't feel well, Nicole invites E.J. to move to a private island with her where they can live out their lives.

He claims he can't leave Salem but does want to "explore" a relationship with her and describes their perfect first date.

Assuring him that she doesn't have a problem with his being Johnny's father, Nicole does admit that Sami troubles her. E.J. asks her to be patient.

What happens next? Tune in next week to Days of Our Lives!

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