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Max confides to Stephanie that he's curious about his sister and would like Melanie to come back to Salem. Stephanie is suspicious but agrees.

On the phone with Stefano, Tony tries to convince him to forget about moving back to the mansion. Hearing Bo is there, Stefano warns that he will soon pay a visit.

After the call ends, Bo explains that he is there to question John about the missing Paul. Noticing how worried Marlena is, John promises her that he will protect her.

Bo also claims that they will soon have Stefano behind bars.

John hints that he may have to kill Stefano and orders E.J. to insure that all legal aspects of the transfer of the estate have been finalized.

Just then, Stefano returns to the mansion to reclaim his house from John.

Bo arrests him. Meanwhile, Morgan is thrilled when she is reunited with her father in a city park. Philip calls her and asks her to hand the phone to her father. He then vows to take Paul down.

When Hope gets a call that Paul was spotted, she hurries out and nabs the man who insists that he was on his way to turn himself in. Philip confronts Paul at the station house and threatens him.

He blasts him for sending his daughter the tape but Paul claims he had to do it. Seeing Stefano, Steve tries to attack him and warns him never to go near his child again.

Abe releases Stefano after getting orders from the mayor and governor.

He returns to the mansion where he frightens Marlena and then orders John, Tony and E.J. to get out. Abe and Lexie meet with Theo's therapist for another session.

Abe suggests they take Theo to a park where they have fun with him. An upset John is ordered to the station house to answer questions about Paul who has been found.

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