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Lexie blames Stefano and reveals how everything has affected her job and boasts that she resigned earlier today as Chief of Staff.

Lexie also mentions that Abe resigned.

She then announces she is done with him and renounces him as her father. She also claims that she will not allow him to know his grandson Theo.

Melanie confronts her father Trent at the Pub and tells him that she hates him and that he deserves to die.

Max joins in with his own ranting, ordering Trent to get out.

When he doesn't leave, Caroline points out that it's her bar and she wants him gone so that she can protect her family.

Seeing all this happen, Kayla warns Stephanie to keep an eye on Trent.

Max tries to comfort his shaken sister who wonders where she's going to live. Caroline invites her to move into a room upstairs.

Realizing that Bo and Hope know about her past, Nicole tries to stop Bo from telling Victor the truth about her past.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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